November 27, 2017

Test Results :: Chrysalis

CiM Chrysalis (CiM462)  is a very pretty, almost-opaque robin's egg blue. 

When Chrysalis is reduced, it loses some of its vibrancy. You can see that in the rightmost bead, the colour is subtly greyed out and muted.

Silver webs and turns a golden colour on top of Chrysalis. When the silver is reduced and encased, it turns whiteish.

It's amazing how different the same reducing silver glass frit blend can look, depending on what colour you put under it. If you look at my other recent blog posts, you'll notice that the frit looks much greener on top of this colour, and that there is a yellowish blush around the fritty bits that I don't see with a lot of other colours. Not that this result was particularly attractive to me, but it is certainly different. My TerraNova2 frit did not develop colour well on top of Chrysalis.

Chrysalis is very reactive with other colours. It separated on top of Tuxedo, Copper Green, Opal Yellow, and Ivory. And maybe Peace - it's hard to see because both colours are so light. Peace, Ivory, Opal Yellow, and Copper Green all separated on top of Chrysalis.

The other interesting thing is the blotchiness that Chrysalis seems to cause both when used on top of other colours, curdling them, and when used underneath other colours, curdling itself.

Here are some fun beads made with Chrysalis.

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