November 20, 2017

Test Results :: Harvest

CiM Harvest (CiM217) is a pretty medium orange. I found that Harvest boiled a little while I was using it, but not seriously enough that it affected the surface finish or colour of the finished beads, so if you are using it and it foams up on you a bit, just carry on.

Like Phoenix, Harvest is a bit of a striker. Repeated heating and cooling turn it a more uniform, darker orange than you would get working it cool and without multiple reheatings.

Here, you can see that Harvest is lighter and a little more on the yellow side than CiM Phoenix, but substantially less yellow than the also-new CiM Monarch. The other colours I compared it with here were CiM Sunset (it's a little less vibrant than Sunset), and Effetre Light and Dark Zucca. It's lighter and more yellow than those Effetre colours as well.

On top of Harvest, silver leaf crusts up and gets a coppery sheen in places. When the silver is reduced and encased, it turns blue. This is consistent with the results I see for a lot of reds and oranges.

On top of Harvest, silver glass frit develops colour well, and it also gets brownish rings arount the fritty bits, which can be a cool effect.

On top of Harvest, Ivory separates. Harvest and Copper Green develop a reciprocal dark line reaction.

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