September 6, 2019

Test Results :: Budgerigar

CiM Budgerigar (CiM477) is the misty opal twin of Ectoplasm, and both colours are a lovely light green.

Budgerigar does not change colour when you reduce it.

You can see blue in the silver leaf where I've melted it into the surface of Budgerigar even before reducing and encasing it. Reducing and encasing silver on top of Budgerigar yeilds a snowy, blue-streaked blanket under the clear layer.

My reducing silver glass frit came out quite pretty on top of Budgerigar, but colour in my TerraNova2 didn't develop quite the way I thought it would after using Ectoplasm. Possibly it just needed a hair more heat to bloom - more experimentation required.

Budgerigar is not very reactive with other colours, although it does separate Copper Green, Ivory, Opal Yellow, and Peace.

Here are some other beads made with Budgerigar:

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