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February 12, 2020

Test Results :: Oracle752.opl

Double Helix Oracle752.opl is a semi-opaque white colour.  It is a fairly inert colour, and really shines through when used on its own or as a base colour. Because it is semi-opaque, light moves in and around it in interesting ways, making it more visually interesting than White.

The thicker it is applied, the more opaque it appears, which you can see very clearly in this image, where I have two spacers of it side-by-side, the left one about 30% bigger than the right.

Silver turns a mustardy yellow on top of Oracle-752.opl, When you reduce and encase the silver, the yellowishness mostly goes away and leaves an ethereal, silvery pattern underneath the clear.

This colour is not especially interesting with silver glass, either.

And here, you can see that it is very inert with other colours.  Almost everything spreads on top of it.

Here is a fun bead with this colour.  It really shines on its own, and I like it in thin layers so that it keeps its translucency. Although this goddess bead is quite thick in places, it appears much more translucent than the photo lets on.

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