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January 20, 2010

Winter Colour Diet - Session 9

Gah, this is late.  I've been trying to post earlier in the week, but things have been crazy around here... and tonight's commute nearly made me cry.

Vancouver is the worst place in the world to drive when there's an accident on either a bridge or a tunnel (doesn't matter which) because this city and all of the little cities around it are full of people who can't mind their own business and just have to look.... and there's no way to get anywhere without navigating either a bridge or a tunnel, and the bridges and tunnels all require lane reductions.

I will never understand why people think the fastest way to go is to speed up and head down a lane that's ending to butt into line and slow everything down.  Too bad my rocket launcher is only in my imagination.

If you're coming here for the Olympics next month, bring your helicopter and a bazooka.

In any case, I have some beads!

This is a base of Avocado, with a silver glass twistie (Van Gogh Caramel, Artichoky, Triton, Intense Black) and some SiS. The swirling on the ends is silvered Avocado stringer.  I think there's some silver glass frit under it all - the same blend I'm using in a lot of other beads right now.  (Gaia, Elektra & Nyx)

A Plasmablossom. This one is Sasha's Silver over Pale Ink Blue, with encased gold aventurine and Ivory accents and Ivory florals. The florals are encased with Reichenbach Clear.

Another Plasmablossom. I used Light Brown Transparent for the flower 'beds', which I'm not sure I'll do again. The base is Double Helix R170 over Light Brown transparent, and it has Ivory and encased gold aventurine accents.

More lentil. This one is a twistie (Triton, TerraNova2 - which didn't really show up, Intense Black and Artichoky) over Dark Violet (pretty much the last of the Dark Violet) with SiS accents and swirls. I'm not fond of this bead. *shudder* I think I dislike almost everything I've made with Dark Violet.

Yet another Plasmablossom. I'm working on trying to get this design where I want it. This is a Double Helix Ekho test batch over Light Brown. I only struck it well on the ends, but it is an interesting colour anyway.  The flowers are Ivory with Leaky Pen over them which turned out better than I thought it would, and the Leaky Pen developed a really interesting redness over top of it that I can't explain but sort of like. There's encased gold aventurine and Ivory on this bead as well, and some Clear dots melted flush to add some surface variation.

I love Red Copper Green. This crazy bicone is a Twistie of Triton, TerraNova2, Intense Black and Artichoky over Red Copper Green. The ends are Red Copper Green and there are SiS bands, which I relentlessly swirled.

And more lentil. I don't remember what the base of this one was, but I added silver foil, Terra Frit, ends of the twistie from the bead above and some encasement of a dark Triton odd lot. The ends are swirled SiS.

And this last bicone is a frit blend (Elektra, Nyx and Gaia) over Dark Violet.  The ends are black and the transitions are covered in Artichoky. The Artichoky fumed copper in a few places, which I am going to need to investigate more thoroughly at some point. It's a neat effect, but I don't know if the silver did it all by itself or if the Black helped.

Sorry this was so rushed. And I know it looks (for anyone keeping track) like I didn't completely use up my Dark Violet, but the truth is that these beads are a mixture of stuff I made last week and stuff I made this past Sunday when the Dark Violet was well and truly used up. So it was a combination of sessions 9 and 11. I didn't want to jump to 11, so I just threw it all together and called it 9.

The beads for Session 10 are at the Studio, and they contain the last bits of Dark Violet and Seashell Swirl. Avocado and Dark Fossil have now taken their places.

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