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February 17, 2010

Colour Defuglification

Defuglification is a new word I've invented (?) to describe the process of making something that is commonly regarded as ugly into something beautiful. Periodically on LE, a thread will get started where everyone chimes in about the glass colours that they really dislike. I regard this as sort of a challenge... and maintain that even though I don't personally like some of these colours, for the most part they are just really badly misunderstood.

As luck would have it, I have enough on hand of some of this glass to run colour tests with.  I was going to start my painful (but necessary) spring cleaning exercise once my winter colour diet was finished, but I guess I am getting sidetracked, because I've decided that I need to do some defuglification first.

If you're interested in helping us to defuglify these colours, here's a link to the bead exchange on LE where we are going to make that happen... Come join us, if you dare! The deadline for bead submission is May 15th.

For reference, here's a list of the colours that are part of the palette we are restricted to for this bead exchange.  If it isn't on the list, it can't be used.

Allowed Glass Colours
  • EFF Dark Violet
  • REI Iris Violet
  • EFF Pink Opalino
  • EFF Dark Pink Alabastro 
  • EFF Medium Pink Alabastro 
  • EFF Light Pink Alabastro 
  • EFF Powder Pink
  • EFF Tongue Pink
  • VET Fish Pink
  • EFF Cherry Shake
  • VET Italian Marble
  • CiM Gellys Sty
  • EFF Sedona
  • CiM Bordello
  • EFF Striking Red
  • VET Jupiter
  • EFF American Beauty
  • VET Sweet Lime
  • VET Dark Brown Transparent
  • VET Petrified Wood
  • EFF Striking Orange
  • EFF Striking Yellow
  • EFF Acid Yellow
  • VET Pineapple Sparkle
  • VET Yellowjacket
  • VET Yellow Ochre
  • VET Jungle Twilight
  • VET Lichen
  • VET Frog Pond
  • VET Swamp Moss
  • VET Lemongrass
  • EFF Petroleum Green
  • EFF Dark Turquoise
  • EFF Dark Aqua
  • CiM Leaky Pen
  • EFF Blue Aventurine
  • EFF Dark Grey
  • EFF Light Grey
  • EFF Anise White
  • VET Black
  • EFF Fossil (any shade)
  • VET Smoke Rings
  • VET Honey Crunch
  • DHX Pandora
  • DHX TerraNova2 / TerraNova2.1
  • DHX Elektra
  • KUG Copper Ruby
EFF = Effetre, VET = Vetrofond, DHX = Double Helix, REI = Reichenbach, KUG = Kugler, CiM = Creation is Messy

Permitted Staples / Enhancers
  • Silver, Copper, Gold, Palladium (Leaf/Foil/Wire/Whatever)
  • Dichro
  • Aventurine Chunk / Frit / Stringer (Blue, Gold, Green)
  • Clear (any Clear)
I don't have all of these colours, but I'm going to use this as an excuse to work through some of the ones on this list that I do have.  I really wish I had some Fish Pink or some Sweet Lime to play with, but I have plenty of Yellow Ochre, Petrified Wood, Powder Pink, Honey Crunch, Smoke Rings, TerraNova2, Elektra, Lemongrass, Lichen, Frog Pond, Sedona and Dark Turquoise (and more, you can be sure) to keep me busy.  I sincerely hope I don't feel compelled to use them all in the same bead because that really does sound like a nightmare :)

I'll be starting into this gradually, because I need to finish up the commitment I made to myself regarding my winter colour diet, and will be adding the 'ugly colours' gradually as I run out of what I'm currently using.  But, I should be in full swing by mid-March, so look for fugly colour tests beginning sometime over the next few weeks as I start the transition.

If you want to take part, but don't have the right colours in your glass stash, contact me on LE and we'll work out a trade so that you no longer have that problem. 

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