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February 9, 2010

Winter Colour Diet - Session 12

Session 12 wasn't very interesting, or very productive, because the studio is only open for a few hours on Sundays.  I did make my test beads for Thüringen Herb, but apart from that I only squeezed out four 'fun' beads.

This lentil is made from Light Brown Transparent, Double Helix frit (Nyx, Gaia, Elektra) and Effetre Black, all encased with Clear.  The dots and the end scribblies are Effetre Black as well, which I am now out of.  I'll be switching over to Tuxedo until I run out of that one too.

This lentil is made from the same glasses as the larger one, above.  This one was made in my Medium+ press, where the larger one was made in my XL press.

I just can't seem to be able to stop making plasmablossoms, but that's ok because I'm sort of fond of them.  I used Light Brown Transparent over Copper Green for the flowers, and I'm sorry, but since it's been more than a week since I made this, I don't remember which silver glass colour I used for the base.  It was either one of the Striking Colors (A7?) or Double Amber Purple... I think.  The goldstone is clear-encased, and the dots are Ivory.

Fortunately, I went back to Ivory for the flowers in this one and it came out much better.  The silver glass was different in this one, too, but I just don't know what I used.  I'm having enough trouble keeping track of all the other colours I'm using.  :)

Here's where the palette is currently at in terms of rod count.
  • (2) Red Copper Green
  • (1) Adamantium
  • (3) Tamarind Unique #1
  • (5) Avocado
  • (8) Fossil Dark
  • (5) Khaki
  • (3) Thüringen Herb
  • (3) Mermaid
  • (1) Copper Green
  • (2) Light Brown Transparent
  • (3) Pale Green Apple Transparent
  • (5) Aqua
  • (4) Leaky Pen
  • (1) Pale Ink Blue
Next weekend, I will try to kill off the Pale Ink Blue and the Red Copper Green, and will be actively working on using up Copper Green, Light Brown and Pale Green Apple.  I have new Khaki, so I am going to re-run my Khaki tests with the new stuff, and I am trading Tamarind Unique #1 back to my stash so I can have a brief stint with Tamarind Unique #2.  I want to see how #2 behaves in comparison to its cousin.  I'm also out of Adamantium, and will be switching over to Cocoa.

The last change is that I'm going to stow the Fossil Dark.  I had an offer from someone who wanted to buy it, and so I've replaced it with Vetrofond Pajama Blue.  If the sale doesn't go through, I'll just save it for later. Maybe next time I play with Fossil, I'll have better luck with it.

My updated test plan for the next few weeks looks like this:
  • Thüringen Herb
  • Pajama Blue
  • Aqua
  • Cocoa
  • Tamarind Unique #2
  • Khaki (redux)

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