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February 13, 2010

Winter Colour Diet - Session 13

Session 13 seemed alright when it started, but now it feels a little bittersweet.  I had mixed success with my long bicones.  They came out beautifully, but I think that I opened the kiln door for a little too long rearranging beads to make room for stuff, and they both have a small crack in one end.  Then, to make matters worse, the second one (which might be the most beautiful bead I've ever made) committed suicide on the kitchen floor.  *sigh*

This is a base of Pajama Blue, with silver foil, silver glass frit (Elektra, Gaia, Nyx) and a twistie made from Thüringen Herb, TerraNova2, Leaky Pen and Copper Green.  The dots are Pajama Blue, the ends are made from some of the last of my Adamantium, and the scribbles on the ends are SiS.

This bead is exactly same as the first one except that the base is Thüringen Herb and the ends are Red Copper Green.

This bead is the very last of my Adamantium with silver foil, silver glass frit (same as above), twistie (same as above) and SiS.  The surface and the sides are swirled.

The lentil is a base of Pajama Blue with silver foil, silver glass frit (same as above) and a wide, creased swath of Triton.  The encasing is Clear and Aqua, and the ends are done with SiS.

This plasmablossom is on a base of Pale Ink Blue encased with Sasha's Silver.  The flowers are Ivory and the goldstone is clear-encased.  The flowers were placed on a base of Aqua which I won't do again because it made them spread too much.

Going into Session 14 this weekend, the palette looks like this:
  • (1) Red Copper Green
  • (5) Cocoa
  • (5) Avocado
  • (6) Tamarind Unique #2
  • (5) Khaki
  • (2) Thüringen Herb
  • (3) Mermaid
  • (1) Copper Green
  • (3) Pajama Blue
  • (2) Light Brown
  • (3) Pale Green Apple
  • (5) Aqua
  • (4) Leaky Pen
  • (1) Pale Ink Blue

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