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February 18, 2010

Winter Colour Diet - Session 14

Session 14's first bead was super-long. Ridiculously long, in fact, at 10 cm. I am going to really buckle down this weekend and make a concerted effort to do some smaller work, on smaller mandrels. I'll let you know how that goes.

In spite of its ridiculous size, it's oddly compelling. Especially if you can touch it. The texture and all of the swirls and bumps are fun to play with.  It's a base of Effetre Avocado with silver foil, Triton, Silvered Ivory and Cocoa on the ends.

Next, we have my first experiment with Tamarind Unique #2. I haven't made test beads with this colour yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. The surface colours are Khaos and Copper Green and there is silvered ivory around the ends and in the centre, swirled. The Tamarind Unique #2 struck a little around the silver, and it doesn't look much like the rod colour at all.  

This Khaos experiment wasn't terribly successful in terms of colour, but I rather like the way all the semi-opaque browns it left behind look. This one is a base of Pajama Blue with silver foil, Khaos frit and silvered Ivory.

Aurae , when used over Pale Ink Blue and then reduced, shines with a purply blue iridescence -- the bead is way shinier in person than it is in the picture. There is a little Khaos on the surface, which has a brown, woody look to it. The silvered Ivory swirls are over-dotted with Aqua.

The plasmablossom above is Khaos over Light Brown Transparent, and by george, it struck. The dots are ivory and the goldstone was encased with Clear. 

I think this is my favourite bead out of all of the beads I made last weekend. The base is Lauscha Cocoa rolled in silver foil. I used my frit blend (Gaia, Nyx and Elektra) and a Twistie that I made with Thuringen Herb, Red Copper Green, TerraNova2 and Triton. The stringer decoration and swirls are silvered Ivory (surprise!), and the ends are Cocoa.

Last but not least, the base of this bead is Khaki rolled in Silver Foil and lightly decorated with Khaos and Leaky Pen. The dots are Leaky Pen and the swirled stringer decoration is silvered Ivory.

My colour diet palette will be pretty much the same going into Session 15, although I gave my last three rods of Mermaid away so I've switched Celadon in to replace it.
  • (1) Red Copper Green
  • (3) Cocoa
  • (3) Avocado
  • (5) Tamarind Unique #2
  • (5) Khaki
  • (2) Thüringen Herb
  • (8) Celadon
  • (1) Copper Green
  • (3) Pajama Blue
  • (2) Light Brown Transparent
  • (3) Pale Green Apple
  • (3) Aqua
  • (4) Leaky Pen
  • (1) Pale Ink Blue
This week, I'll probably kill off the last sad, lonely rods of Pale Ink Blue, Red Copper Green and Copper Green. I'm looking forward to that... the testing is sort of taking over and I can't wait to see what Simply Berry, Mystic Pink and Kryptonite can do!

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