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March 5, 2010

Winter Colour Diet - Session 16

Session #16 of my Colour Diet was a little light on beads, but I made up for it on Sunday last week.  I'll have those beads this Friday and I can't wait to see what they look like.  It's so hard waiting a whole week to see them!!

All of the beads are made on 1/16" mandrels, as part of my new initiative to keep the overall bead smaller, and I did some experimentation with shapes as well.  It's always a bit of a trade-off at the torch... do I make stuff I've more or less gotten the hang of and end up with better looking beads at the end of it all, or do I throw all the cards up in the air, experiment, and see what happens?

Well, Saturday was an experimental day and I think the results were not all bad, but they were certainly mixed.  You can decide for yourself.

This first one is a core of Clear and Silver Brown with Abe's Ivy on one end, goldstone stringer swirls and Ivory dots.

This new take on my plasmablossoms (which I fully intend to explore further) is a base of Celadon, with silver foil, TerraNova2 frit and a twistie made from Thüringen Herb, Leaky Pen, Double Amber Purple, Abe's Ivy and Kryptonite.

These little focals, one square and one sort of T-Shirt shaped, are a base of Multicolor Dark with Ivory, encased goldstone and Clear.  This is another set of concepts I want to play with a little more to see what happens.

This is a weird experimental bead made with Magic, Vine Cane (leftover, not sure what was in it), Elektra and Clear.  I'm not sure I'll ever do this again, but it gave me some ideas.  I like having ideas.

Lots of decoration on this little plasmablossom.  The base is Dalai Lama (yay!  I kept a little of the colour!) with Silvered Ivory, Ivory and Aqua.

This last focal is conical, and sort of thimble-sized and thimble-shaped.  It is Ekho, Clear, Tamarind Unique #2, fine silver wire and Ivory with a little encased goldstone.

Last but not least, these little decorated spacers are Celadon with the same twistie I described above, some silver foil and random (too random I'm afraid) Ivory decoration.


  1. Dang! Gorgeous! I don't quite understand what your colour diet is but that sounds like one diet that would excite me!

  2. Thanks for saying so! :) It's been really fun, but I'm getting ready to wrap it up.

    I made myself a restricted palette and forced myself to go through and use only those colours, with gradual substitutions for almost four months.

    The first post I made about it is here, if you're interested :)