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March 9, 2010

Winter Colour Diet - Session 17

This was my last winter colour diet session, and I am feeling a weird mixture of relief and nostalgia. It's been really fun, I've learned an awful lot and I really appreciate the structure of it... but at the same time, I need a change.  Well, of course I do... I've been doing this since November.  I have test results for CiM Kryptonite to post, and those will be up sometime this week.

Now it's on to Defuglification!  I've assembled my palette of colours other people seem not to like, and will be giving them a workout for the next couple of months.  If the concept of defuglification is foreign to you, or if you are intrigued and want to play along, go here for more details.

I'm still going strong with my 1/16" mandrels, and don't even really miss the bigger ones. I am having such better results with my bead presses that it's hard to imagine going back, but I suppose I will eventually. I predict it will only be a couple of weeks before I feel a burning need to make an enormous bead and have to break out the 3/32"s.

This bead is a core of an experimental Ekho batch, with Triton, Clear and silvered Ivory. I wish I'd done some swirls inside, but overall I am pretty happy with how it came out.

And now you can see why I wish I'd done the swirls inside on the last bead.  I love the way this looks. This bead is a core of one of Double Helix's attempts to recreate Terra, with Triton (over-reduced but still neat), Clear and silvered Ivory.

This bicone is a base of Thüringen Herb rolled in silver foil with a twistie made from Thüringen Herb, Kryptonite, Double Amber Purple, Leaky Pen and Abe's Ivy. There are some random wraps of Triton on the surface and some Ivory dots. I'm a little bit in love with this bead and haven't been able to make myself list it on ArtFire yet, but I'm sure that will pass.

This one is a base of Simply Berry with Triton, Clear and silvered Ivory. It looks a little like a kimono acid trip.

Here we have a base of Celadon rolled in silver foil with the same twistie I mentioned above. There is a little silvered Dark Ivory stringer parked in there, and the dots on the ends are Ivory. It's a strange little alien bead, but I love it anyway.

This little plasmablossom is Abe's Ivy over a base of Transparent Light Brown. The dots and flowers are Ivory, and the scrollwork is silvered Dark Ivory.

This plasmablossom was less successful, but it looks better in person than it does in this photograph. I over-reduced the Triton and it went all yucky. The Triton is over a base of Light Brown Transparent, and the deco is Ivory and encased Goldstone.

I am really enjoying Abe's Ivy. The innards of this bead are Abe's Ivy and Clear, and the decorated end is Abe's Ivy, encased Goldstone and Ivory. This is a new design for me and I"m not really sure where it's going, if anywhere.

These are sort of a new thing as well. I'm getting the hang of my crunch press, finally, although I sort of wish it was bigger and deeper. I really enjoyed making them, and I like how organic their shape is.  I'm going to keep playing with this and see what happens.

The one on the left is a base of Thüringen Herb, rolled in silver foil with a twistie made from Kryptonite, R170, Abe's Ivy and Thüringen Herb. The ends are Avocado and there is SiS wrapped around each end.

The one on the right is a base of Kryptonite encased with Sasha's Silver and Clear and decorated with SiS, Kryptonite and some murrini I made a couple of weeks ago. 

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