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August 24, 2017

Test Results :: Canoe

CiM Canoe is a gorgeous, tawny striking brown. People who make sculptural animal beads are going to go nuts for this colour, since it is decidedly lion-coloured. It's also really well-suited to organic bead designs, because it's fabulously reactive without any of those reactions causing unpleasant blackening and muckiness.

This colour is a striking colour. These spacers were made at the same time, but the rightmost one got an extra blast of heat in a reduction flame before being popped into the kiln, resulting in a darker, warmer colour.

Here is Canoe with Kugler Beadmaking 104 Silver Petrol (previously known as ASK Silver Rattan), CiM Pumpkin Unique #1, ASK Caramel Apple (now known as Iris Savanne), Kugler Silver Brown (previously known as ASK Silver Cinnamon), and CiM Stone Ground.

ASK Silver Brown, in this picture, looks almost the same colour as Canoe, but I don't think that Canoe, even with the addition of silver, strikes to as dark a colour as Silver Brown does. Canoe is substantially browner and darker than Stone Ground.

The addition of silver darkens the colour of Canoe. When I reduced and encased silver leaf with Zephyr on top of Canoe, my bead cracked. The crack is an incompatibility crack, occurring both lengthwise and across the bead hole. So, encase this colour with caution, and maybe not with Zephyr and silver.

Oh my, this colour is gorgeous with silver glass. My silver glass reduction frit bloomed like crazy on top of this colour, engulfing the Canoe between the fritty bits. I also got beautiful colour from my TerraNova2 frit, which spread like crazy on top of this colour.

I had hoped that, since this colour was so much like the ASK browns both in the rod and in small beads, that it would have similar reactions. It doesn't, which is a bit sad since our last Kugler Beadmaking 104 vendor here in North America has recently decided to discontinue their sales of 104 CoE glass entirely. However, this colour is very interestingly reactive in its own right.

When Tuxedo is used on top of this colour, the Canoe rises up in halos around the Tuxedo stringerwork.

Canoe and Copper Green have a mutual separation thing -- it separates on top of Copper Green, asnd Copper Green separates on top of it. In both cases, a faint brownish line forms around the colour that is on top.

Canoe and Opal Yellow also mutually separate when used on top of one another. Where Canoe is on Opal Yellow, the separation is almost violent, looking fissure-like in the middle of the stringer lines. Opal Yellow separates a bit more gently, and spreads like crazy on top of Canoe.

On top of Ivory, Canoe looks darker than it does on top of other colours, and a dark line froms around its dots and stringer lines. The Ivory also bleeds into it, feathering at the edges of the Canoe decoration. Ivory separates on top of Canoe, and becomes surrounded by a dark Canoe halo.

Peace spreads on top of Canoe, but does not otherwise react with it.

Here is an organic bead made using Canoe both as the base colour and as part of the surface decoration.

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