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August 8, 2017

Test Results :: Peridot

CiM Peridot is a pale spring green colour, and is like a paler version of CiM Mojito, and somewhat less yellow. It's a bit less reactive than Mojito, and is a pretty, unique addition to the 104 colour palette.

Here, you can see that Peridot doesn't change when you reduce it. In the leftmost beads, I got a fair number of scummy bubbles. Peridot does tend to scum and bubble when it gets hot, so it's important to work it on the cooler side.

Like other colours in this hue group, Peridot is quite reactive with silver. You can see in the leftmost bead that silver turned this colour an interesting colour of brown when used on the surface. When the silver was reduced and encased, that brownness is not in evidence and the silver seems to have dispersed itself uniformly all over the surface, forming a snowy blanket under the clear encasement layer.

Peridot turns silver a pretty golden colour when you use it to encase silver foil.

Peridot is a pretty base for reducing silver glass frit.  Peridot makes an average base colour for striking silver glass and does the fun silver glass frit stringer thing that I like to do with reactive transparents in a streaky blue way.

With other colours, Peridot is not particularly reactive. It's definitely not one of the colours that helps keep Copper Green clean,

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