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August 18, 2017

Test Results :: Pachyderm

CiM Pachyderm is a warm, light beige opaque colour. It's lovely with silver, and moderately reactive with other colours.

Pachyderm is reputed to be a striking colour, but I did not get a range of different tones from it. Here, you can see that these beads are the same colour, even though the rightmost one has been reheated in a reduction flame. Possibly a more aggressive reheating would be necessary to get a colour change in striking.

The colours shown here with Pachyderm are Effetre Sage, Effetre Avocado, CiM African Gray, CiM Koala, and Effetre Sediment. I chose these colours because their rod colours weren't all that different from Pachyderm's before I melted them.  Pachyderm is pinker than all of these other colours, and lighter than all but African Gray. Out of the ones I chose, it is closest to African Gray, although that colour lacks the pinkish cast that Pachyderm has.

Silver on top of this colour makes the colour darken to a much richer brown. When the silver is reduced and encased, it turns blue.

Pachyderm is a very nice base colour for silver glass, both the reducing kind and the striking kind. It fumed brown around my reducing silver glass frit in a beautifully dramatic way, and I got great colour out of my TerraNova2 frit on top of this colour.

This colour has a lot of interesting reaction potential.

Pachyderm separates on top of Tuxedo. When Tuxedo is used on top of Pachyderm, the Pachyderm rises up around it in halos.

Pachyderm has a reciprocal dark line reaction with Copper Green. This dark line is not black like what happens with Ivory - it's more of a darker version of its unaltered self. Pachyderm also separates on top of Copper Green, and Copper Green separates very dramatically on top of Pachyderm.

On top of Opal Yellow, Pachyderm separates and seems to strike to a warmer brown colour.  When Opal Yellow is used on top of Pachyderm, it spreads like crazy, and also separates slightly.

Pachyderm separates on top of Ivory.  Ivory separates on top of Pachyderm, and also spreads quite dramatically.

Here's a goddess bead made from Pachyderm swirled with my Candy Floss frit blend.

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