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August 14, 2017

Test Results :: Light Pink (Bubblegum)

Effetre Light Pink (EFF260) is another colour that I am pretty late in trying. I've never been all that into pink, but like just about everything else in my life over the last few years, that seems to have changed.

The batch of Light Pink that I have tested here is a sort of famous one called Bubblegum. I'm not sure how similar or different to this one other batches of Light Pink have been. Sometimes a new batch of glass is given a special name for an important technical or aesthetic reason because it works differently or is a markedly different colour, but sometimes this happens by mistake (the glass looks different in the rod but is identical to a previous batch once melted) or as a marketing ploy. It's impossible for me to know for sure how 'special' this batch was without doing some further testing and investigation.

Light Pink doesn't change colour when you reduce it, and doesn't acquire any sort of special surface finish.

Here, you can see this colour with some other colours in the same hue group. It's lighter and cooler than both CiM Desert Pink and Gelly's Sty, pinker than Vetrofond Light Pink, and both pinker and substantially darker than Effetre White Rose and Silver Pink.

Light Pink turns yellow when you put silver on it. When the silver is reduced and encased, the yellowing of the base colour remains but the silver turns whitish.

Reducing silver glass on top of Light Pink fumes the Light Pink a brownish yellow colour. Light Pink makes an indifferent base colour for striking silver glass.

Light Pink separates on top of Tuxedo, Copper Green, Opal Yellow, and Ivory.  Ivory and Opal Yellow both separate on top of Light Pink.

When Tuxedo is used on top of Light Pink, the Light Pink rises up around it in halos.

When Ivory is used on top of Light Pink, a visual fissure shows at the edges of the dots and stringer lines, giving the stringerwork a 3-dimensional look.

Here are some other beads made using Light Pink of the Bubblegum variety:

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