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January 24, 2010

Winter Colour Diet - Session 10

I made a decision about how far I'm going with this colour diet last week, and picked an end date for my last post about it. Since I'm an orderly kind of person, I'm going to use the calendar hanging up in my kitchen, and my winter colour diet will be over (at least all of the beads will be made) by March 14th, and I should have it all posted as of the weekend before spring officially begins on March 20th this year.

I'm enjoying the process too much to end it earlier than that, but I have an awful lot of odds and ends of other glass that I'm itching to use up... so as soon as the colour diet is over, Spring Cleaning will begin. During Spring Cleaning, everything that I possess less than 5 rods of is going to get used up so that my glass stash is ready for its next phase of evolution.

Now that I've let you in a little bit on how anal retentive I am, I'll just show you the beads. Last weekend was a little up and down for me, and I was having trouble getting into a groove so the beads are a bit all over the place.

Well, would you look at that.  In both this bead AND the one below it, I got TerraNova2 to strike. I don't want to cry "mission accomplished" prematurely, but it just might be that I am over my striking silver glass hump. I'm really hoping so, because it's been driving me batty.

This bead (and the next one) is TerraNova2 over Light Brown Transparent. The flowers are Ivory, as are the dots I put on it.  The swirled stringer decoration is goldstone encased with Aurae. I'm not sure why I tried this, but it was a really interesting experiment. This bead and the one below were lightly reduced, but before I reduced them, the Aurae had gone an odd creamy colour that was partially translucent and I could still see the goldstone winking through. After reducing, they are shiny and opaque, but different from Aurae used all by itself.  I rather like the effect.

This bead is identical to the bead above, in terms of what's in it.

A monster, this bicone bead is 91 mm long. I'm still struggling with the shaping of these super-long beads a little, but this wasn't a bad effort.  It's Mermaid with silver glass frit and a little TerraNova2. The ends are Adamantium (although I'm wishing I'd done them with TerraNova2 for some reason) and there is SiS on the ends in a scribble. The picture doesn't really communicate how alive this bead looks... the silver glass is all shiny and mottled and looks really neat.

Woo hoo! The Dark Violet is ALL GONE. This is Dark Violet with some silver glass frit (Gaia, Nyx, Elektra). The ends and surface decoration are SiS, and it was reduced lightly before putting it in the kiln.

These Plasmablossoms are a little addictive. The base is Ivory over Pale Green Apple, and there are dots of Intense Black on it as well as the encased Goldstone stringer. The flowers are Dark Multicolor, which makes really pretty flowers in my opinion.

A set!! Well, as close as I generally get to one, anyway. The focal is a base of Black wrapped in frit stringer (Light Brown Transparent, Gaia, Khaos, Nyx), encased, and then end-capped in Adamantium and decorated with SiS. There are also some Ivory dots around the top of it. The spacers are Adamantium and SiS.

This bicone is made with the last of my Seashell Swirl (well, the last before I bought a new pound of it and put it away for safekeeping) and it is rolled in silver leaf, Terra frit and then capped with Adamantium ends. There is SiS decoration, and it was reduced lightly before being put away.

I think I'm getting in the mood for spring, because all of a sudden I feel like making flowers. The base is Ivory, and is encased in Pale Green Emerald. The Vine Cane was Artichoky with Intense Black and some Goldstone stringer that I guess got pulled so thin you can't see it at all. The coloured flowers are Dark Multicolor (overstruck) and the little ones are Ivory.

If I could do it all over again, I think I would have used black for the base, and I would have tried not to heat the flowers so much. Next week I'll get another chance!

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