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January 5, 2010

Winter Colour Diet - Session 7

Session 7 already, and I don't feel anywhere near ready to stop this mad colour diet.  And Session 8 is done as well, although I have no idea what those beads look like since they're still at the studio.  I made some test beads with CiM Khaki on Saturday (results to come) and with CiM Adamantium on Sunday.  I won't be able to post the Adamantium ones until next week after I've picked them up.

This first bead is a base of Khaki.  I rolled it in Terra frit and then used a silver glass twistie that had Double Helix R170, Van Gogh Caramel, Triton and Copper Green in it.  I swirled it in a couple of places before pressing it, decorated the ends with SiS and put some Ivory dots on that I wish I'd thought through a little more carefully.

The bicone is on a base of Okey Dokey Artichoky and has the same twistie on it as the bead above.  The ends are Adamantium, and there is SiS on the ends and in the middle.  I did a little gravity swirl on one side.

Frit stringer is a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  I used Pale Green Apple for the core of this bead, and the frit stringer that I wound around it was Pale Green Apple with a mixture of Gaia, Elektra and Nyx.  I encased it all with my brand new Reichenbach Clear, and am overjoyed at both the clarity of the new clear and the fact that the bead stayed in one piece.  I'm a little unhappy with the way Reichenbach Clear yellows around silver, but I'll just try to remember that I should use Pale Green Emerald around the silver (or some other colour that doesn't do that) next time I want to put silver mesh in a bead.

I really love using Seashell Swirl as a base colour.  I rolled it in silver leaf and Terra frit, and applied a twistie around part of it. The twistie is the same as the one I already described.  I used Adamantium for the ends, decorated it with SiS and then swirled it in multiple places before giving it a shot of reduction and popping it in the kiln.

The core of this bead is Light Brown transparent encased with Reichenbach Silver Brown.  I cut a long spiral groove in it with a steel paddle before reducing it heavily and encasing it with Reichenbach Clear.  The ends are decorated with SiS.  Since this is the first time I've used Silver Brown, I'm feeling awfully pleased with myself for getting and keeping such nice reduction, but perhaps Silver Brown is just easy to use and I ought not to get all puffed up.  Especially since Terra and Khaos still hate me.

Multicolor Dark over Pale Green Apple is a vibrant sight to behold.  I used plain old Effetre Black to decorate the ends and put down the dots.

I really wish silver glass loved me more when I tried to strike it.  This is Terra frit over Mermaid, with SiS on the ends.  The core is Effetre Clear, since the stuff I bought before Christmas doesn't seem good enough to actually encase anything with.

There's still some of everything left, so there were no changes to the palette going into Session 8.

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