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January 31, 2010

Winter Colour Diet - Status & Progress

I need to consolidate where I am and where I am going with this Colour Diet exercise of mine so that I can stay focused.  Since I'm using this blog as my 'official record', I'm posting it here even though I am likely the only person who cares about it in this much detail.  I only have somewhere between 7 and 10 sessions left (depending on how much torch time I get) before this colour diet madness is over and my next phase of anal-retentive glass usage begins.

The (number) in the 'Current' column before the colour name indicates the number of rods I still have to melt of a given colour before I'm allowed to move on from it.  It's likely that I won't get to some of the colours in the 'Next Up' column before I hit my end date of March 14th, but that's ok... they're not going anywhere.

Starting PointCurrentTime Permitting...
EFF Red Copper Green ...(2) no changeREI Mystic Pink
CiM Adamantium ...(1) no changeLAU Cocoa
CiM Tamarind Unique ...(3) no changeREI Caramel
REI Mystic Beige ... EFF Anise White ...(5) CiM Khaki ...VET Pearl Grey Odd
EFF Okey Dokey Artichoky ...(3) LAU Thüringen Herb...EFF Uranium Yellow
CiM Mink ...(3) CiM Mermaid ...CIM Celadon
EFF Copper Green ...(1) no changeCIM Kryptonite
VET Seashell Swirl ...(5) EFF Avocado ...LAU Steel Blue
EFF Dark Violet ...(8) EFF Fossil Dark ...VET Pajama Blue
EFF Light Brown ...(4) no changeREI Rosalin
EFF Pale Green Apple ...(3) no changeEFF Kelp
EFF Pale Emerald ...(9) REI Aqua ...EFF Light Aqua
EFF Pale Aqua ...(4) CiM Leaky Pen ...EFF Tidepool
EFF Pale Ink Blue ...(2) no changeCiM Simply Berry

EFF = Effetre, CIM = Creation is Messy, LAU = Lauscha, REI = Reichenbach, VET = Vetrofond

I have not gotten around to testing Pale Aqua on this journey, because I ran out of it before I got a chance. I am skipping Pale Emerald because I'm not really very interested in seeing the results, and I didn't run special tests for Copper Green since I used it during the testing of all of the other colours. Everything else in the "Starting Point" or "Current" column is either on my testing schedule or has already been done.

I decided that even though I'm not finished with my Pale Emerald, I should retire it in favour of Reichenbach Aqua because I really want to get my Reichenbach colours tested before I run out of time. I sort of want to save what's left of my Pale Emerald anyway because it is the hand-pulled variety, and what I've seen of the machine-made stuff indicates that the colour just isn't the same.  *sigh*

My testing plan for the next few weeks looks something like this, provided I can make myself use up the right colours:
  1. Pale Ink Blue
  2. Pale Green Apple
  3. Thüringen Herb
  4. Aqua
  5. Cocoa
  6. Kryptonite


  1. Just so you know, I'm reading and find this interesting and I bet other people do too! It's good to see the whole thing in progress.

    (I'm a total beginner, setup still being set up, and I think some discipline in using my glass colours when I get started would probably be a good idea! Currently I have a lot of single rods in sample sets)

  2. Thank you for commenting :)

    The discipline really does help... I really wish I'd started this whole thing from the beginning.

    I find that the ideal amount of each colour to start with is between three and four rods. It gives you enough to do some testing with other colours to see the reactions and to make a few 'fun beads'... essentially enough to decide whether or not it's a colour you intend to re-buy.

    Good luck with your glassy journey!