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January 10, 2010

Winter Colour Diet - Session 8

It's strange you know... after I made this bead, I was almost certain I was going to hate it.  Now, looking at everything I made last Sunday I think it's my favourite bead of the bunch.  My impressions of my work at the torch almost never match my impressions post-cleaning.

This bead is a base of Effetre Okey Dokey Artichoky, rolled in silver foil with random trails of some silver glass, which actually struck.  (Yay!).  The end caps are CiM Admantium, officially my very favourite colour for sticking ends on my tube and bicone beads.   The end transitions are hidden by random squiggles of SiS, I've swirled the heck out of it and added some Ivory dots here and there.

This bead has superpowers.  I dropped it on the kitchen floor yesterday, which is tiled in stone, and it didn't even chip.  I'm going to keep it as a good luck charm, at least for a while, because I could use some more of that kind of luck.

Its base is Seashell Swirl that has been rolled in Silver Leaf, rolled in Terra frit, reduced and then encased with Reichenbach Clear.  There are some Aion plunges and some creased Aion that came out looking very interesting and ghost-like.  The ends are decorated with SiS swirls, and the picture is huge because the bead is huge.  I am slowly, but not surely, getting over my addiction to my massive lentil press.

More Seashell Swirl, with silver foil and Terra frit.  More SiS all over the place, and Ivory dots.  Adamantium end caps.

This would have been my favourite bead from this batch except that I got a big chip in one end (on the side that I didn't photograph) when I took the bead off the mandrel.  I really hate it when that sort of thing happens, although I know it's my own fault.  I've gotten a lot more consistent with my heat control in larger beads, but apparently I still occasionally forget to give the ends enough heat before garaging.

This is Okey Dokey Artichoky with a twistie made from Okey Dokey Artichoky and a couple of different silver glasses.  It's a little like a broken record, but there is SiS on the ends and in the middle, there are some giant swirls and the ends are made of Adamantium.

Weird, right?  It's Sasha's Silver over Pale Green Apple.  I plunged it, reduced it, dotted the plunges with Clear, reduced it a little more and then encased the whole thing and decorated the ends with SiS.  Oh, and I cut it.  The stupid thing was too big for the lentil press and needed to be punished.  Does anyone else see the puppy peering out of it?

And finally, this has a core of Pale Ink Blue, and I wrapped a homemade shard around that which I over-reduced.  Over-reducing it seems to have made the whole bead a little dark and icky, although it is slightly more attractive in person than it is in the pictures.  The ends are Adamantium because I needed to beef it up a little for the press, and it's finished with SiS. The big plunges are Aion.

I've already posted about the palette transitions I'm making, so I won't bore anyone with that again, but I will post my testing plan for the next few weeks.
  1. CiM Adamantium
  2. CiM Leaky Pen
  3. EFF Red Copper Green
  4. EFF Light Brown Transparent
  5. EFF Avocado
  6. EFF Fossil Dark

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